Before you consider costly lightpole replacement, consider that Streetlight Restoration Specialists can restore and refurbish your streetlight for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and that most work is done in the field.  The majority of the time, we can complete the restoration services without ever taking a pole down!


Our proprietary equipment and specialized application techniques allow us to bring your streetlight poles, signal poles and parking lot lighting back to its original factory finish.  Are you in a high graffiti area?  100% of the high performance coatings we utilize are graffiti resistant, allowing you to wipe off many forms of graffiti with a rag and mild cleaner or solvent.  Plus, our high performance coatings achieve over 5500 hours of salt spray and humidity resistance, and have an extremely high resistance to harmful UV rays, giving you many years of high gloss shine.


Whether you are looking to simply apply protective coatings to your signal heads or repaint the entire traffic signal pole and mast arm, our high performance coatings will last you for years to come.  We can even install inconspicuous bird spikes for cities in areas with large volumes of pigeons, seagulls, or other birds.

Since 1993


So we repaint streetlights.  What's the big deal?  Anybody with a brush and a roller can do that!

And that's the problem.  Most house painters and commercial painters are experts at coating drywall, stucco and siding in controlled environments such as office buildings, factories and homes.  But when it comes to application of high performance coatings on neighborhood streets, on major arterial roads or freeways, in downtown and business districts bustling with vehicular and pedestrian traffic, they simply lack the knowledge and expertise.  Most of the coatings we use are so high performance that many commercial and industrial painters have never even heard of them.  Next, they are used to applying by brush, roller or airless sprayer, none of which are the most appropriate methods of field application of high performance coatings.  We have the ability to apply these HPCs with specially modified automotive spray systems, in the field, without overspraying surrounding areas, and minimizing disruption to vehicles and pedestrians!


Want more information?

SRS truly are the pioneering experts in the field of lightpole restoration and repair.  Click on the link to request more information and to set up a meeting.  If your city, organization or group qualifies, we may be able to complete a sample free of charge.