Our Story

Founded in 1999, Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. pioneered this niche industry, having been issued the first D64 “Lightpole Restoration” license ever issued by the CSLB. Our past and current clientele includes local, state and federal government agencies. We are proud of the intelligent and cost saving frugality our services provide by restoring and preserving your existing light standards.


Our Approach

We preserve and restore, rather than replace.  In most cases, we can restore a streetlight to where it looks as good as the day it came out of the factory, for far less money than it would cost to replace.  The majority of poles can be repaired in place, without ever taking a pole down.  In cases where poles are taken down, they are almost always put right back up, the very same day, eliminating the need for costly temporary lighting.   This also allows cities to maintain the historical authenticity of the streetlights, preserving their beauty for younger generations for years to come.  Much of our work can be done at night, minimizing the disturbance to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Team

Brian Moran and Paul Larson met in 1987 and quickly became friends.  They worked together in the concrete industry.  Paul stayed in the general construction arena as a General Contractor.  Brian worked in the paint and powder coating industry, working on new streetlight poles.  Brian's love of antiques and anything old combined with Paul's knowledge of the construction industry, ended up being the foundation for our company today.  We started working on parking lot lightpoles and then extended our services into streetlights and traffic signal poles.  Since the year 1999 we have completed project for cities throughout the state of California.


Brian Moran

Founder & CEO

Brian Moran lived in New Jersey, Connecticut and Ohio prior to moving to California in 1987.  He has a diverse background from selling construction tools and equipment, working for America's largest mortgage company, to running one of the largest paint and powder coating lines in the country, specializing in the application of powder coating and high performance coatings.  He started his lightpole restoration company in 1999 in partnership with Paul Larson.  Brian is married with 2 kids and another on the way.  He loves working with kids has been heavily involved with coaching club soccer.


Paul Larson


Paul Larson grew up in Wyoming.  He attended Black Hills State University where he majored in English and ran cross country for the university team.  He moved to California in 1989 and began working in the concrete industry.  From there he began working with his father in law learning all aspects of construction.  Paul obtained his C8 Concrete, C33 Paint and Decorating & Class B General Contractors License.  Prior to joining up with Brian Moran to start this company, he was doing home remodels, room additions, general construction and concrete construction.  Paul still maintains his Class B license.  Paul is married with 2 adult children.

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