Can you restore concrete poles?

Yes.  Concrete poles commonly experience a variety of problems such as  spalling, cracking, or are missing pieces.  In many cases, we can repair the concrete using a variety of methods, to bring the concrete back to its original form, or close to it.  We can then coat the concrete pole with high performance graffiti resistant coatings which will last for many years.

What other types of poles do you work on?

We can restore, repair and repaint virtually any substrate, including cast iron, steel, cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, fiberglass and concrete.  These services extend to streetlight poles, traffic signal poles/signal head, park lighting, walkway lighting and parking lot lighting.

Our poles are really old and many are missing parts.  Can you order new ones?

In most cases, new old stock is non-existent.  So instead, we custom manufacture missing parts as needed.  We have a variety of methods in which we can make the parts in the field by hand, or in some cases, we work with specialty vendors to have the appropriate parts made in a factory environment.