Whether the construction of your lightpoles is cast iron, hot or cold rolled steel, cast or extruded aluminum or even copper clad, there is a high probability we can restore your pole in the field, in a fraction of the time of replacement, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, while preventing the unnecessary cost and problems associated with replacement. Say goodbye to the added cost and inconvenience caused by temporary lighting, lengthy lane closures which cause disruption to businesses and residences, as well as causing inconvenience and potential safety issues for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our services include repairs to concrete foundations, anchoring systems, structural repair, ornamental repair, creation and replacement of missing and discontinued parts, and retrofitting from HID to energy saving LED’s. Click the button below to view some of our previously completed metal lightpole restoration projects.


Concrete poles are one of the most commonly used. When the concrete pole cracks, spalls, is damaged or missing chunks, standard operating procedures is to remove the existing pole and replace it with a new pole. Did you know that Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. has field repaired and restored concrete poles for nearly 20 years? While it may not be cost effective to salvage every single pole, a large portion of the poles currently being replaced could have been repaired and restored, in the field, for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can also beautify the concrete poles by applying clear coat sealers, anti-graffiti clear coat or high-performance coatings in any color you could possibly want. Click the button below to view come of our previously completed concrete pole repairs, restorations and clear coats.


There are streetlight poles a hundred years old still in use today! Many of them are beautiful castings, in some ways works of art. The level of skill and craftsmanship to create and manufacture these designs in incredible. Proper maintenance will ensure your streetlight poles will last for future generations to enjoy. Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. utilizes the absolutely highest quality MARINE GRADE HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS. These high gloss coatings ensure an unprecedented level of beauty and protection. Furthermore, on each project we complete much needed visual inspections to ensure the concrete base, anchor bolts, welds, joints and connections are secure and in proper working order. Over the years we have found many unsafe poles, many of which needed to come down immediately to eliminate the immediate liability and danger presented to the city. Click the button below to view some of the beautification and protection projects we have previously completed.


Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. has been performing both non-lead based and lead based paint removal from streetlight poles, in the field, on the street, for nearly 20 years. Our equipment has been specially designed and modified to remove lead-based paint from lightpoles. Combined with our specialized techniques and equipment, we have successfully performed lead based paint removal from streetlight poles from northern California all the way to San Diego. After paint removal is completed, we finish the job by applying high performance marine grade coatings. Click the button below to view some of our previously completed lead based paint removal projects.


Cities all over California are competing to attract new business to set up shop and new people to move to their cities. There is an ongoing effort by many cities to beautify their cities by transforming their plain Jane, dull and flat out ugly galvanized intersection poles and mast arms into something that is actually a pleasure to see. Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. offers a myriad of options when it comes to transforming your intersection poles from plain and ugly, to high class and beautiful. We can apply high performance primer and marine grade coatings in any color you desire. We also re-coat intersection signal head and visors, apply bird spikes, add decorative scrolls, decorative bases, brand new luminaires, arms and fixtures, as well as cost effective and energy saving LED retrofits. And this is just some of what we do. Click the button below to see some of our previously completed intersection projects.


Advancements in battery, LED and solar technology has made solar powered streetlighting the most viable it has been in history. And with continuing research and development, it will just keep getting better and better. Streetlight Restoration Specialists, Inc. saw the need for solar powered streetlighting early in the game. Our first solar powered streetlight sale and installation was nearly 20 years ago! Since then we have installed solar powered street and parking lot lighting for both local and federal government agencies. We also offer service and maintenance contracts, so you won’t ever have to deal with issues surrounding your solar powered streetlights! Click the button below to see some of our previous solar powered lighting installations.

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